Welcome to East Maddington Primary


Welcome to East Maddington Primary School – a vibrant and inclusive school that embraces innovation and caters for children in Kindergarten to Year 6.

When your child arrives at our school, one of the first things they will notice is that our school community is very diverse. Children from over 45 different cultures and backgrounds attend our school. This provides your child with an amazing opportunity to learn about other cultures including Aboriginal culture.

We celebrate our diversity in everything we do and are considered a school of choice in the area. When you become a member of our school community, you will regularly be invited to attend events and ceremonies that embrace this diversity.


We provide a wide range of programs and specialist support for your child with programs tailored to your child’s experience, needs and passions. While our focus is on literacy and numeracy, your child will also learn about science, humanities, languages, technologies and the arts. We offer a range of additional programs to help support this learning.

Our specialist programs include Music, Physical Education, Design and Technology and Indonesian. Children in Years 5 and 6 also have the opportunity to learn guitar. As a Waste Wise School your child will learn about healthy eating through cooking and gardening lessons. This will also link with the development of your child’s STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and Mathematics) – skills that will develop them into lifelong learners.


Our experienced teachers and support staff are here to ensure your child receives a rich education full of opportunities that develop not only their academic knowledge, but also their social, emotional and physical skills. We also have additional support to assist teachers in the classroom and you will have access to our part time school psychologist.


Our school motto – Together, Inspire, Respect – aims to inspire your child to achieve their very best by developing respectful relationships. We encourage you to be involved in your child’s education, either informally through regular contact with your child’s teacher, or formally through our P&C Association or School Council.


Our strong links with the school community allow us to provide even more support for you and your child through programs such as FoodBank, Institute for Indigenous Well Being and Sports, Smith Family, The Learning Club and Shining Stars EAL/D Homework Club. A Youthcare school chaplain runs student programs and is available to support staff, students and families.


Our large campus includes a specialist music room, a purpose built kitchen, a canteen, a computer laboratory, library, a campus of the South Metropolitan Language Development Centre and a dental therapy unit.

The on-site Child and Parent Centre is available to families with children from birth to eight years old. Support services include speech therapists, occupational therapists, parenting and playgroup coordinators and a child health nurse. We encourage you make use of this centre if needed.

More detailed information about the Child and Parent Centre East Maddington can be accessed through the Department of Education website.


Our participation in the Fogarty EdVance program over the last two years is supporting us to achieve our moral purpose of; ‘We work together to make a difference for every child, through respectful relationships and inspiring opportunities for success.’


High Expectations

Our aspiration as stated in the School Plan is to ‘move academic performance in NAPLAN from ‘at’ or ‘below’ like schools, to ‘above’ like schools and closer to the mean of WA schools’. Baseline data indicated that in 2017 our school achieved ‘at or above’ like schools in six out of ten tested areas. By 2020 we aim to improve this achievement through:

Success for all Students: improving student achievement in Literacy and Numeracy

Quality Teaching: building staff capacity through, and

Conditions for Learning: increasing student well-being and engagement


At the end of 2019 our school was reviewed in line with the new Public School Review process. We were rated as ‘effective’ and were congratulated on our focus on relationships and commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning through the school wide approaches. The full report is available on our website and on Schools Online.