At East Maddington Primary School we are committed to dealing with bullying behaviour effectively. It is very important that bullying issues are reported to a staff member.

Definition of bullying

Bullying is a pattern of behaviour by one person towards another, which is designed to hurt, injure, upset or discomfort that person.

What the student can do? 

a) When the situation occurs:

  • Tell them to stop annoying you or firmly ignore their behaviour and walk away from them.
  • Speak in a firm, not angry voice.
  • Stand tall.
  • Look in their eyes firmly (but not in a threatening way).

Stay in control of yourself.

b) Immediately afterwards:

  • Share your feelings with others. They can help you make a decision.
  • Take your concerns to your class teacher, deputy principal, principal or another adult at school you feel that you are able to talk to.

What can parents do? 

With the child:

  • Hear what the child has to say without judging them.
  • Try to understand your child’s point of view.
  • Use a problem solving approach.
  • Involve the child in deciding on realistic solutions.
  • Encourage the student to report the incident immediately to a staff member.
  • Contact the school if you feel your child is unable to manage the situation through the normal channels.