Communication with parents 

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A fortnightly newsletter is published every second Wednesday and distributed to parents via the youngest child in each family. The newsletter provides a wide variety of information concerning school programmes and activities. Please ask your child for the newsletters each fortnight.

Spare copies are always available from the office.

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Communication App

The school can email a copy to parents who wish to use this option. East Maddington Primary School also uses the Skool Bag App, that can be downloaded for free on a smart phone.

KidsMatter Survey

An important aspect of implementing KidsMatter in your child’s school is the consultation process
with parents and carers. This short survey asks about your perceptions of the school in relation to
the school’s work in the area of mental health and wellbeing. Please take time to complete this survey.
NB: Type School Name
Reporting Period: Select Q2
Component: select Component 1