Online Absence

Where children are very sick or are involved in accidents at school, it is sometimes necessary to send them home or to a doctor. We would urge parents to keep the emergency address on our record cards up to date so that sick and injured children may be assisted quickly. A third and possibly a fourth contact person, in addition to the parents/caregivers, should be listed. We should be able to contact you quickly in case of emergency.

N.B. If children are not well, please arrange for them to stay home. Facilities and staff for caring for sick children are very limited. Cross infection of other students also needs to be avoided if possible. In cases where children are sent to the sick bay for an extended period, parents will be contacted. Instances of children suffering from serious allergies, parents should ensure that the condition is entered on the child’s admission card and that the class teacher is aware of the condition.

To assist us in keeping these records up to date, please let us know if you have changed your: marital status, address, telephone number, doctor, employment or emergency contact numbers.

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