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Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

Strategic Plan – High Expectations

Our aspiration as stated in the School Plan is to ‘move academic performance in NAPLAN from ‘at’ or ‘below’ like schools, to ‘above’ like schools and closer to the mean of WA schools’. Baseline data indicated that in 2017 our school achieved ‘at or above’ like schools in six out of ten tested areas. By 2020 we aim to improve this achievement through:

Success for all Students: improving student achievement in Literacy and Numeracy

Quality Teaching: building staff capacity through, and

Conditions for Learning: increasing student well-being and engagement

School Review

At the end of 2019 our school was reviewed in line with the new Public School Review process. We were rated as ‘effective’ and were congratulated on our focus on relationships and commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning through the school wide approaches. The full report is available on our website and on Schools Online.

Public School Review