Travelling to and from school


Please note that the parking area at the front of the school and the library is for staff and trade use only. Parents are asked to set down and pick up children in Pitchford Avenue (there is a turn- around at the end of the cul-de-sac) or the carpark entering from Westfield Street. Failing this, Ironbark Street, beside the school oval, makes a safe stopping place. Double parking must not occur as it creates a very dangerous situation for all children. Council Rangers from the City of Gosnells enforce parking restrictions. Please be mindful of the neighboring houses when parking at the school.

Bicycle Safety

Police and safety experts consistently recommend that children under 10 years do not ride bicycles on the road, so we discourage children under Year 5 from riding bicycles to school unless accompanied by an adult. Children are required by law to wear a cycle helmet.

Bicycle/scooter enclosure

The P&C Association have installed a bicycle/scooter enclosure which ensures the safety of children’s bicycles at school. Children who do not have bikes at school are to keep away from the bike racks. Children with bikes are only to go to the racks when arriving or leaving school. Bikes should be placed in the racks and locked/chained up.

A spare key may be left with office staff. The bike compound will be locked between 8.30 am and 2.30 pm each day. All students need to walk their bikes/scooters within the school grounds.