Medication at school

Administration of Medicine

For staff to assist with the administration of any medication during school hours, both a doctor and the parent must complete the necessary forms, which are available at the front office. This is Department of Education policy.

A number of children require regular administration of medication throughout the day. This is carried out by an administrator and the prescribed dosage, type of medication is signed off. The medication is kept locked away in the front office. Staff DO NOT administer over the counter medications such as paracetamol, and these are not provided to the children by staff members.

Important Note

You must inform the school if your child/ren have any particular medical conditions which may affect their daily health and well being, for example allergy to bee stings, asthma, diabetes etc. The school will develop a student health plan/risk management plan to assist your child if there is an emergency situation.

Children are not to carry any medication on them. Medications must be handed to administration at the beginning of the day.