Parent/teacher appointments

Parents are always welcome but for more formal discussions it is advisable to make an appointment to ensure that you have sufficient time in which to fully discuss concerns, issues etc.

If you need to make an appointment with your child’s teacher please ring the Front Office and leave a name, contact number and the name of the teacher you would like to see. These details will be passed to the teacher and they will ring you to set an appointment time.

Please note that the Front Office cannot make the appointment – the teacher will call you.

Custody Arrangements- Legality of Access

A copy of any Family Court Orders must be supplied to the school so staff members are aware of family arrangements, restricted access etc. Documentation is required otherwise both parents will have equal rights of access.

School issues and problems

Here are some handy hints to help resolve any school related problems.

  1. Start with the teacher: Your first port of call should always be the teacher. If an arranged meeting with the classroom teacher doesn’t solve the issue, contact the office and arrange a meeting with either the Principal/Deputies.
  2. Think Positively: A positive attitude helps everyone calmly discuss issues and find solutions.
  3. Get all the facts: Sit down with your child and write down their version of the situation, then go through this with the teacher and listen to their point of view.
  4. Try to see the problem from both sides: It’s hard to hear a teacher say your child is having issues at school, but it helps to look at issues from both sides.
  5. Be Respectful: Children learn from example.
  6. Decide on a Solution Together: Work with the teacher to come up with a documented plan of how to resolve the issue. Ask for your own copy.
  7. Follow-up: Follow the agreed steps towards the solution.
  8. Be Realistic: By dealing with the situations calmly and focussing on the solutions – not the problems – you’ll be making the most of every learning experience for your child.

If you require further information, please contact a member of the administration team to arrange a time to meet with you. We also have a Complaints Management Policy information leaflet which is available from the front office.